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  • Beyond the Machine 15.2: eVirtuosos

Rosemary and Meredith Willson Theater

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Beyond the Machine 15.2: eVirtuosos

Beyond the Machine

A Festival of Interdisciplinary and Multimedia Arts

Presented by the Juilliard Center for Innovation in the Arts (Edward Bilous, director)

Read Beyond the Machine Mixes Media in The Juilliard Journal.

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Composed by Sam Jones and Aaron Plourde

Sam Jones and Aaron Plourde, trumpets



Composed by Hilary Purrington

Joshua Sechan and Siu Tung Toby Chan, bassoons


Energy Fields

Composed by Aaron Plourde

Aaron Plourde, trumpet


Rosetta’s Lullaby

Composed by Sam Jones

Sam Jones, trumpet



Composed by Nathan Prillaman

Erin White, Violin 

Asa Maynard, Bass

Brian Shank, Percussion


Anthèmes II

Composed by Pierre Boulez

Hulda Jónsdóttir, violin


Long Distance

Composed by Steve Snowden

Brian Shank, percussion


Hall of Mirrors

Composed by Rick Baitz

Brian Adler, Christian Lundqvist, Brian Shank, and Jeremy Smith, percussion