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  • Juilliard Drama presents Carlo Gozzi's 'The Serpent Woman'

Stephanie P. McClelland Drama Theater

Tickets $20 available beginning 1/11.

Non-Juilliard students $10.

Juilliard students, faculty, and staff FREE.

Juilliard Drama presents Carlo Gozzi's 'The Serpent Woman'


Gozzi’s 1762 commedia dell’arte is a fairy tale about an immortal woman named Cherestani who falls in love with a mortal king name Farruscad. The Fairy King dooms the couple to eight years of tests and trials and only if they can emerge victorious will he refrain from transforming Cherestani into a serpent woman. Join us in this hilarious, ribald world of fairies and demons and mythic beasts. A fairyland story with biblical echoes set in a fantastical world and told in the highly physical commedia style.

This exhibition is part of Carnegie Hall’s citywide festival La Serenissima: Music and Arts from the Venetian Republic.

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Orlando Pabotoy, director
Juilliard Drama Group 46 (4th-year actors)